Welcome to the NHK Complete Series Review

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You ever feel like you spend too much time watching anime? Or playing video games? Or surfing the internet for porn? If so, then Welcome to the NHK might just be the anime for you (oh the irony!). A sometimes scathing social commentary, cleverly disguised as a romantic comedy, Welcome to the NHK takes a look, and not a few shots, at the fandom it would also count on for popularity.

Tatsuhiro Sato is a hikikomori-an introvert with such severe social anxiety that he fears ever going out in public. The only time he ever allows himself to really venture out is late Sunday evenings when he goes to the park for a little while with nobody around. Otherwise, he spends his days holed up in his tiny apartment eating instant noodles and focusing his attention on the evil NHK (Nippon Hoho Kyokai)-the TV station he is sure maliciously creates and markets programming purely designed to turn people into social introverts that never want to leave their homes (and he therefore redubs Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai-the Japanese Hikikomori Association).

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