Rob Dyrdek's 'Ridiculousness' Shows Us the Perfect Scorpion (VIDEO)

What's a scorpion? No, not the creepy crawly poisonous insect, but rather the back-bending, spine-twisting position one finds themselves in mid-accident.

Need an example? Look no further than this exclusive clip from Rob Dyrdek's new MTV clip show 'Ridiculousness.' Dyrdek is no stranger to stunts gone awry, but his new show highlights the craziest catastrophes on the Web in a way that only he can.

In this preview, a track and field event turns "owww"-inducing when someone goes full scorpion, and the freeze-framed pose just so happens to mirror the show's klutzy logo exactly.

Check out this sneak peek of what you'll see when the show premieres Mon., Aug. 29, 10PM ET on MTV.


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