Billy the Exterminator Battles a House Full of Squirrels (VIDEO)

When you see them in the park, squirrels seem like happy little forest creatures. Get them in your house, and they start looking like frenzied, fanged, bushy-tailed rats. On 'Billy the Exterminator' (Tuesdays, 10PM on A&E), Billy Bretherton and his crew were charged with ridding a house of its considerable squirrel population, and they succeeded, after a few setbacks.

Bretherton and his crew went into the house armed with leather gloves and a few cages, catching the varmints by hand. Bretherton caught one and held it up to the camera. "He reaches up there, he can bite through this leather glove," he said. "Their teeth are about a quarter inch to a half inch long and they are razor sharp." It was a mad dash just getting a hold on a squirrel, and getting them in the cages proved even harder.


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