Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Season 2, Episode 7 Review: It Might Have Gone In...

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Ah, poor Shiina. The third wheel in the relationship of Yuuto and Haruka, she longs for his touch, but he's just out of reach.

Except for today. For today, while Shiina was supposed to met with a friend, her friend canceled and that leaves Shiina alone. Surprisingly, she runs into Yuuto, and the two walk around town together, as Yuuto is returning home with groceries for his worthless sister and her drinking buddy. While they are walking together, Shiina's special hairclip gets lost in a stream, and Yuuto, even though it is very cold out, walks into the water to get it. It's a heartwarming moment that affects Shiina very strongly.

And so, she decides to do some cooking, since, as we know in anime, the highest worth of a woman is her ability to cook for her would-be man (how very enlightened and modern). Unfortunately, while Shiina is doing a little happy dance, she kicks her foot into some furniture and injures herself. It would look to be a bad start to the year.

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