'America's Got Talent': Four advance, Wild Cards announced


This week we had the 12 YouTube acts on "America's Got Talent." I read a lot of comments last night that they didn't think it was that strong. I really thought it was - no one act blew me completely away, but it was all of their first time doing this show. I just thought it was really strong top to bottom, which you cannot say about any other quarterfinals nights.Anyway, the first group brought down is Gymkana and Powerhouse, the show choir. Gymkana is much stronger, I hope they advance. And they do! Excellent.I shall not be recapping the "Chocolate Rain" performance by Tay Zonday, other than to say that his smile will haunt my dreams. Pure nightmare fuel.Now it's Keenan Cahill, the kid who became famous for lip-syncing "Teenage Dream." Yeah, bleep bleep bleep.And now it's OK Go. Oh my god, how many people are ON this show tonight?!Back to results, finally. TNC...



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