Naruto Season 2 Episode 22 He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad Appears! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when Naruto summons Gamabunta and he appears to save Naruto from falling to death. Naruto then falls on Gamabunta with a great bump. He then goes around to see if he really did it or not, "big four legs, a giant mouth, and no tail! I did it! I actually summoned a toad, not a frog!" Jiraiya then says that he was finally able to do the Summoning Technique, but the chakra he used was unstable and even summoned "him," Gamabunta, "Even I can't control Gamabunta".

While Naruto cheers, Gamabunta then shouts: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, YOU LITTLE SNOT!" Naruto then suddenly jumps back in shock. "I get some fresh air! AND THEN WHAT? I GET SUMMONED HERE!!!" Naruto takes another step back in shock. Then Gamabunta faces Naruto and asks: "Hey little snot, where's Jiraiya?" Naruto then says that he wasn't sure of who Jiraiya was. "HEY I'M PRETTY SURE YOU KNOW, the person who calls himself as the toad sage!" Naruto then says that if it was the "pervy sage". Naruto then says that Jiraiya was up in the cliff. In anger, Gamabunta starts yelling out Jiraiya's name, and in the midst, behind a tree, was Jiraiya, knowing that he can't let Gamabunta see Jiraiya.

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