'Love in the Wild' Week 6 Recap: The Most Dangerous (Newlywed) Game

As we approach the finale, I've got to admit that I have developed a genuine affection for this show. It's stupid, but benignly so, unlike this other show I've recently begun recapping. Compared to THAT show, this show is so... quaint. The people on it are so pretty and nice to each other (mostly) and ahhh-not-ahhh-sosmart, but they mean well and -- GET THIS -- the final three couples genuinely care about each other. One of the couples even toyed around with the "L word" tonight! Not to say that it's a good or smart or dignified idea to go on a reality dating show and fall in love (or convince yourself that you fell in love) with a person you met on that show, but it's refreshing and endearing that the lovers (in the wild) on Love in the Wild believe that is how they feel.

Not only that, but it strikes me now that the six classiest, most likable people from the original cast (remember Kym? remember Vanessa? remember STEELE?) are the ones who made it to the finals. Well don't that beat all? Love in the Wild, my standards might be very, very low, and you might be very, very stupid, but you've managed to burrow yourself into a tiny little crevice in my heart through your sheer earnestness.  Read More...



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