Naruto Season 2 Episode 23 Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when Baki knocks at Kankuro's and Temari's door. Kankuro opens it to see a mad Baki, "You idiots! Didn't I tell you to watch Gaara without a sight!?" Kankuro and Temari then are surprised and immediately go to where Gaara rests. Kankuro opens Gaara's door and finds him missing. Realizing that he was gone, Baki goes up the window and says: "This is bad…very, very, bad."

The scene changes back to the Leaf Hospital, where Naruto rests. Shikamaru was playing Shogi, by himself with a time glass. "What a drag, when's this bum going to wake up." Scene changes back to a flower shop where Sakura is. She gets some more flowers for an occasional reason. To her right, Ino then says: "Going for another visit to the hospital? Of course, you're not going to see Sasuke there!" Sakura then replies that she's only visiting to see Lee. "After all, the old flowers are probably dead by now." Ino then pauses a bit, she then takes the flowers and checks them out and Sakura gives Ino the money. Back at the hospital, on the front desk, Gaara seems to be freaking out and putting his hands on his head like he has a seizure.

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