'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: The Last Days of Disco

So. That happened. Look, the performance finales of So You Think You Can Dance have never exactly been known to showcase powerhouse dancing. I don't really blame anyone for this. The contestants are at the end of a grueling three-month competition that only gets exponentially harder as it progresses, like a marathon in which the finish line is at the top of a mountain, at the end of an obstacle course, and atop a granite obelisk slathered in Crisco. The choreographers have been churning out routines about couples who break up, couples who cheat, couples who yearn, couples who cope, and couples who on rare occasion are happy simply to be a couple -- they are bound to suffer from some creative burnout. And the producers have two hours of airtime to fill each week, and by this point have exhausted all possible cutesy video packages that help us get to know the dancers. Brilliant and talented though she may be, there is only so much vamping Cat Deeley can do. In fact, if you've clicked through EW.com's Top 25 So You Think You Can Dance routines of all time -- absent the top-flight routines of season 8, of course -- you will find only one number from a finale (the Travis and Benji hip-hop routine from season 2), way up at No. 20. Read More...



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