RESCUE ME “Head” Review

RESCUE ME "Head" Season 7 Episode 5 – After faltering and flailing under inexplicable plot lines last week, Rescue Me somewhat regained its footing. Indeed, I would say that this episode was going on to become a completely solid entity, the most solid instalment of the final season thus far as Pam the reporter sets about to destroy Tommy Gavin and his coworkers and his team decide to fight fire with fire. It was sort of like a small heist movie, where the motley gang gets together to take Pam down, and I love a good heist movie. Hell, I love a coherent heist movie. I’m a sucker for heist movies, so this episode was sort of right down my alley.

Unfortunately it could not quite keep up with my hopes because of the notorious ‘woman’ problem the show has, so when Tommy started spewing a monologue to his wife and Sheila and his two daughters, and as the monologue went on and on of Denis Leary espousing garbage to the vultures who make up his family, it’s hard not to get bored. So the episode, unfortunately dipped (there was also another dip involving a gorgeous blonde and a petite penis, but I’m just ignoring that subplot both because it was so minor and because it is so bizarre). Read More...


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