ROYAL PAINS “Ta Da For” Review

ROYAL PAINS "Ta Da For" Season 3 Episode 7 – The boys (and girls, I can’t forget Jill and Divya) have a lot going on in this episode. First up Hank is treating a magician who can’t do his job very well because he keeps nearly passing out when doing some of his tricks. Divya is finding her now job a lot more challenging than she hoped. She might be helping patients, but she’s also getting herself into trouble for not following protocol. Jill finally gets a sit-down with Boris to tell him all about what she remembers from the accident, which definitely rattles him.

Finally there’s Evan, who is still on his constant crusade to grow HankMed and gets this wacky idea to get them onto the Today Show. As always, Hank doesn’t take him seriously and even tries to prank his little brother, which blows up in his face. But I really loved how that led to a great scene in the end where Evan pointed out that Hank never listens to his ideas and yet he was the one who basically got Hank where he is now. Hank realizes that Evan is right and (gasp!) apologizes to him, agreeing to try give his brother’s ideas a try sometimes. Read More...


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