One Piece Season 10 Episode 428: A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Review

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In the end, it's all about a girl and her dog. Wait, a girl and her beetle.

One Piece strings out yet another Special Presentation episode that deals with the lead-up to the movie and all that it's doing is killing any enthusiasm for it at all with such an inane storyline. The introduction of the little East Blue island was cute at first but they took it in a bland way by making it like a carnival show than a place where people would live and adapt using the style and culture of the individual islands. Each one is like a perfectly preserved piece of the original and while that may work for show, it wouldn't work in any real sort of way and rings hollow because of that. While you can be outlandish and silly with a show like One Piece, some things simply don't click and this is one of them.

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