Naruto Season 2 Episode 24 The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Arena! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when in the battle arena in which the Chunin Exams take place. In the front gate of the arena, stood Naruto. "Tomorrow…" was all Naruto could say. The scene changes to Ichiraku Ramen Bar, where Naruto simply sat with no ramen. Teuchi gives Ayame a huge bowl of ramen and then gives to Naruto. Confused, "uh, Mr. Chef?" Teuchi only replies to eat up since Naruto was in the final competition. Naruto replies, "Okay! Thanks a lot Mr. Chef!"

The scene changes to a bar, in which Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Choza Akimichi are drunk. "Hey, I know how you feel (half drunk), daughters are a real drag." Inoichi replies. "Yep, I know how it feels like." Choza then said. "Bah! It's not it really cares. Here, mister! One more order here;" He shows the waiter the menu. "These two pages, everything on 'em!" To their right, the door opens and Shikamaru comes in. "Wohoo! Reinforcements! Come in and order something from this menu!" Choza shouted out. Ignoring him, Shikamaru goes up to his dad and says. "Hey, dad. Can we go home already?" Shikaku grunts and looks up at Shikamaru, "Wha? Listen, don't be a drag; you're supposed to live up at this festival." He then chugs almost all the liquor from the small box he's holding. Shikamaru then doesn't care and says that he's in the final competition and doesn't want to babysit his father. "Wha? You're in it? Seriously?" Shikamaru was shocked of how drunk he is and says: "Nevermind. Just forget it."

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