Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episode 117 Review: Jugo of the Northern Hideout

Naruto Shippuden 117 introduced the third and final character on Saske's list of companions to recruit, Jugo. Surprisingly, Jugo is the original bearer of the cursed seal. Orochimaru created an enzyme from Jugo's body fluids to give other Shinobi's the same kind of power that the cursed seal offers. We learn that Jugo has spent most of his life at the hideout, and came to Orochimaru out of his own free will. There is also insight of some sort of past relationship between Jugo and the late Kimimaro, however it does not go into any sort of detail. Lastly, Jugo has a really annoying voice.

The Northern hideout is much different then the other hideouts. This is where they keep all of the unmanageable monsters that were created by Orochimaru. Basically it's full of beserk people pumped with Jugo's enzymes, who cannot control their cursed seals. Saske and Suigetsu have to cut their way through a few dozen of them before even getting inside the hideout, however they didn't have much trouble. Saske still seems to dislike killing, as he orders Suigetsu to avoid vital parts while fighting.

Naruto and Sakura finally catch wind of the big news in this episode that Orochimaru is dead, and Saske is the one who killed him. Needless to say, they are both emotional and speechless. I think that the fact that Saske killed Orochimaru has sent the message to Konoha that no one there (no, not even Naruto) is even close to the level necessary to bring him back to home sweet home.

Saske and Karin finally find Jugo's cell, and Jugo attacks Saske full on as soon as he opens the door. Saske quickly transforms his arm into a massive human sized claw to defend himself from Jugo's attack, and seems completely uneffected by the fact that he just got driven through a massive metal wall. The episode ends with Jugo and Saske ready to go at it .. or perhaps they will decide just to chat. We'll have to wait until next week to see!

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