'Big Brother 13' live feeds: Brendon's back, an HOH competition?


So America chose to vote Brendon back into the "Big Brother 13" house - bet that deal Kalia and Daniele made with Rachel looks great right now, huh? If you want to follow along with all the antics, sign up for the live feedsto watch all the shenanigans. Immediately following the show ending, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam went into the Fortune Teller room and started jumping up and down and doing a happy dance. Meanwhile, Daniele, Porsche and Kalia were back in the yellow bedroom lamenting their positions in the house right now. Daniele or Porsche really needs to win HOH. This show is quickly turning into the "Big Brother" version of The Boston Rob Show we had to suffer through last season of "Survivor." Way to go, America. Way to give crazypants Rachel back her stability ball.Updates of the live feeds tonight. We still have no idea when the next Head...



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