‘Burn Notice’ Season 5, Episode 7, ‘Hard Out’: TV Recap

More and more stuff has invaded Michael’s once sparse apartment. Now, there’s a bedside table with an orchid. Fiona is peering over a blown up picture Michael took of the bomb on the boat. Turns out the C4 sampling he took was stolen, the last trace of it found in the Soviet Union in 1988. The person out for Michael is good, that’s for sure.

With bad news comes blueberry yogurt for Michael. Good thing he’s eating because Fiona reminds him that they are breaking bread with Madeline and Ben, her new boyfriend. A kiss on the back of the head (really?) and she’s out the door but not before she volunteers to call an old friend who could help identify the bomb maker. Handy.

In Michael’s (once again) restored car, Madeline chats with her son and Fiona about the appreciation men need to have for women. Suddenly a foursome of leather clad men on bikes surround the car. Michael thinks it’s a trap but Fiona knows it’s her mysterious friend. So she casually gets out of the car and onto the bike. Read More...



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