Big Brother 13: It's "Official." You Are So Rigged.

Dear Big Brother... What the hell happened on my TV screen tonight?

If you are clicking on this without watching tonight's Big Brother, then please be prepared to not get a blow by blow account of what happened after the POV ceremony from last night's episode. Instead, you will witness the rage of one Big Brother fan who has never been so upset about a television program since Buffy sacrificed herself by leaping into a portal to save her friends back in 2001. What could possibly have me that upset? I don't even know where to begin...

First up, this entire week's game play on Kalia's part. Yes, I know. I applauded her for doing something bold for once by putting up two of the most powerful players in the house, but that all went to hell once Jeff read her the riot act, with Kalia flip-flopping to get back in the remaining Vets good graces.

Secondly, you have Shelly acting like the Big Brother version of Glee's Sue Sylvester. Seriously, the woman is only missing the track suit and a little snark, but she does have Sue's conniving and pot-stirring abilities on lock.

Then there is the eviction itself, which had the House Guests believing that keeping Rachel in the house was beneficial to them, because they didn't want her to come back in the house "guns blazing." To get to this logic, either faction in the house should have come to the conclusion that getting back in the house was not going to be the equivalent of throwing a pillow across a room. But silly me, I keep forgetting that we are dealing with the dumbest cast to ever reside in the Big Brother house. Read More...


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