'Big Brother' recap: Shelly, the Sly Samurai Cowboy

"I have a 99 percent chance of coming back into the game with superpowers," is how Lawon soberly summed up his chances at the start of last night's episode. Outside the Big Brotherhouse, Julie Chen shared a giggle with the audience. "There is no special power," said the host. I respectfully disagree. True, Lawon's big gamble turned out to be a complete bust: His theory of Elimination Superpowers can now join the Northwest Passage, the Fountain of Youth, and the Possibility of Another Good Weezer Album in the sorrowful pile of mythic dreams that will never come true.

And true, Lawon's whole gameplay looks suspicious in hindsight. Immediately after being put up on the block, Lawonderful started stocking around the house, pretending that he had no clue why he'd been nominated for eviction. This is an exact transcript of his conversation with Shelly:



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