Naruto Season 2 Episode 25 Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu! Episode Recap

The episode starts off Naruto looks around and tries to find Sasuke but cannot find him. "I'm versing Dosu but he's missing too." Shikamaru also said. "Hey! Quit fidgeting, you two! Face the audience, from here on and out, you guys are heroes in this final competition." The seven faces the audience and looks with determination.

The scene changes to where the Third Hokage sits. Raido comes to him and whispers that they haven't found Sasuke and that a few ANBU's are looking for him. Third Hokage looks down and says that he understands. Looking to his left, he sees the Kazekage. "Ah, Kazekage-sama! I ask you to sit down, it must've been tiring for your journey!" The Kazekage only replies that he's okay. "While for you, when you're still young. Maybe it's time to pick the Fifth?" Hokage says that it's okay and says that he can still take the job for another five years. He stands up and announces the whole stadium. "WELCOME! Welcome to the Konoha's Chunin Selection Exams! We will now start the matches between the 8 participants that got past the preliminaries. Please stay until all the matches are done!" Kazekage then asks: "You said eight, where did one go?" The Third Hokage just simply sighed.

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