'Project Runway' 9: Really High Fashion

The "Project Runway" designers finally got to hit up Mood (with a hefty $500) this week, which means that we finally got to see Swatch again. But why only a super short shot of him as the designers were walking out the door? That dog is a star. He should get his own spin-off. But I suppose reality TV producers haven't yet run out of spoiled rich skanks, oversexualized children and horrible stage moms to build shows around. 

As the designers gathered to learn of their latest challenge, Heidi appeared, looking taller than usual. Thankfully, it wasn't revealed that leg extensions are the new black. Turned out she was just sporting stilts. And then a bunch of stilt models joined her on the runway because...well, I guess because stilt modeling is the new black. Or the new crack. I have no idea.

As if designing Paris couture-inspired outfits for giant circus freaks in one day wasn't daunting enough, it was revealed that the runway show was going to be an outdoor event open to the press and public. Oh, annnnnd—dun dun DUN—it would be a team challenge! Heidi randomly picked seven teams of two from her magic bag, while the designers sat silently, screaming inside their heads. Read More...



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