THE GLADES “Swamp Thing” Review

THE GLADES "Swamp Thing" Season 2 Episode 10 – When I started watching The Glades, I had a feeling there would be episodes like "Swamp Thing" that would make me unbelievably homesick for Florida. And with wild boars, crazy rednecks and artery-hardening biscuits…this was a vast improvement over last week’s episode.

Which isn’t to say that it was perfect, but any show that starts off with a couple of Boy Scouts poking at a mutilated hog carcass has nowhere to go but up. Dead animals were the theme of the night, as the case of a murdered Marine took the detectives into the world of poaching. I’m happy to report that the writer did his research; it turns out there is only a closed season on boar hunting on wildlife preserves. Yeah, I Googled it, ’cause anyone who’s seen the damage wild hogs leave behind would wonder if there’s ever a time when the state won’t let you kill them. Read More...


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