LEVERAGE “The Grave Digger Job / The Boiler Room Job” Review

LEVERAGE "The Grave Digger Job" and "The Boiler Room Job" Season 4 Episode 7 & 8 – Leverage is back with a double episode after a weeklong hiatus. These two episodes are completely unrelated to each other, which is a pity, since Leverage is the kind of show which could benefit with a multi-episode arc, given that it has a habit of neatly wrapping up episodes much too quickly. Having these two episodes, which are completely unrelated to each other, back to back is a little jarring, especially since they were tonally very different.

The first episode involved a dastardly scheme of identity theft by a funeral home director. Over the course of uncovering the scheme, Leverage crew find themselves in grave (pun fully intended) danger as Hardison is kidnapped and put into a casket and buried, á la Ryan Reynolds and CSI’s Tarantino etc. This season of Leverage seems to be pretty bent on the Hardison and Parker relationship, which I’m happy about since they are the two most intriguing characters and their relationship is the most unconventional, which was a bit of a flaw with the second episode. Read More...



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