HAVEN “Roots” Review

HAVEN "Roots" Season 2, Episode 5 – Although the Trouble-of-the-week story in this episode ofHaven was interesting, it was the developments in the character stories that made "Roots" worth watching.

This particular Trouble traced back to colonial era Haven when twins were born that had an effect on the forest on their family’s land. The Trouble was passed down through generations of the twin’s descendants in the family lines of the Keegans and the Novellis, but they were not aware that the Trouble would only activate if the two of them were near one another and near that forest. As usual, Audrey figures it all out and manages to talk the Troubled families into cooperating so they can escape the killer forest.

This whole time, Audrey was supposed to just be dropping off a wedding license before heading out on her date with Chris. Chris kept referring to it as a date, but Audrey kept talking about it as if they were just going for a drink, so I think Nathan was at least partly right when he said that he thought Audrey has too much going on to start thinking about dating. She probably didn’t start off her day thinking that things were going to go as far as they did with Chris. Of course, Nathan can’t really be considered an authority on Audrey’s dating mindset because he’s never pursued Audrey the way Chris has. If Nathan had been as honest with himself and persistent as Chris was about his feelings for Audrey, maybe it would have been Nathan at Audrey’s place for drinks by candle light. Read More...



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