FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefit of the Unspoken Dynamic” Review

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS "The Benefit of the Unspoken Dynamic" Season 1 Episode 3 – Moving away from the blatant sexual overtones of the first two episodes of Friends With Benefits, "The Benefit of the Unspoken Dynamic" is all about those other relationships in our lives: our friends. You know, the ones we aren’t sleeping with.

Ben and Fitz are determined to pull Aaron out of the dumps to which Riley’s rejection sent him, but in doing so, they inadvertently release the drunken douchebag within him. I should have seen this coming. It’s just my luck to find a cute guy on TV, only to have to watch him become an insufferable jerk over four bottles of champagne and one blonde cocktail waitress. She even had my name!

Yet, despite that, I enjoyed the dynamic between the guys in this episode. Ben was doing everything in his power to spare his friend’s feelings. Fitz was willing to give up an easy lay just to spend some quality time with his buds. And Aaron, once he got over himself, was willing to jump into the lake to save Ben’s life. Bro’s before ho’s, indeed. Read More...


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