ROOKIE BLUE “Monster” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "Monster" Season 2 Episode 7 – The past few episodes have been top tier Rookie Blue in terms of quality. A dip was inevitable. As the mechanics of the clichéd quarantine plot came into play, my eyes started rolling and my interest started faltering and I’m afraid the entire episode went from cliché to boring in a gradual decline of mediocrity. What I mean to say is that watching this episode I never got the feeling that it was bad, but boy was it dull.

The catalyst for this whole episode comes about when Nash and Peck bring in a drunk for the cell. The guy threw up in Peck’s hair and is lolling around all over the place, and it soon becomes apparent that he’s not just drunk: he’s seriously ill. It’s the sort of mistake I could imagine anyone making and I thought it was a strong way to start off the episode.

Serial killers and child kidnappers are scary, sure, but the scariest things are often the mistakes you could imagine yourself making which would put other people in jeopardy: leaving the gas stove on overnight, jaywalking across a busy intersection, mistaking a man seriously ill for a drunk. I love when the most mundane things become the most terrifying. Read More...


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