PROJECT RUNWAY “Go Big Or Go Home” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY "Go Big Or Go Home" Season 9 Episode 3 – What on EARTH happened this week on PROJECT RUNWAY?! Not that the designers had a lot going for them to begin with – "Go Big or Go Home" begins with Heidi walking out on the runway to introduce the designer’s new challenge… and she walks out on stilts.

Let’s take a moment to ponder this – is there NOTHING Heidi can’t do? The woman make STILTS look graceful! What the heck?!

She tells the designers that they will be creating a look for an outdoor runway show, but all of their models will be walking on stilts. So… there’s THAT hurdle to jump over.

THEN she springs on the designers that they will be working in teams (Apparently they could only find seven models that could walk a runway in stilts). Now anyone that has ever watched Project Runwayunderstands that designers working in teams is NOT a great match. Each designer thinks that they know what’s best for their look, and RARELY do any of them listen to their partners. Read More...


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