SUITS (USA) “Identity Crisis” Review

SUITS (USA) "Identity Crisis" Episode 8 – In this episode, we get to see a little crack in Louis’s armor. Not much of one, mind you, but a little one nonetheless. After Louis pressures a witness who dies shortly after, he has no problem with it as long as he thinks that the guy is guilty. But as soon as Louis finds out that the man was innocent, it’s a whole different story. He handles it in his own Louis-like way, which means that he turns into an even bigger bastard for a little while. Under that though, was a guy who was trying desperately to make things right and was having a heck of a hard time doing it. For a while there, it seemed like no matter how hard he tried to fix things, he kept effing them up royally.

I was really hoping by the end that we would see Harvey and Louis come to an agreement and though they did for a while, it was short-lived. Though I guess I have to admit that I’m sort of happy they aren’t going to be BFFs any time soon. After all, what fun would it be if those two got along all the time? We need Louis to keep on being Louis just as we need Harvey to keep on being Harvey. What’s funny to me is the fact that neither of them seem to realize that they’re both bastards, just in different ways. And I love them both for it. Read More...


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