BURN NOTICE “Hard Out” Review

BURN NOTICE "Hard Out" Season 5 Episode 8 – In this episode, Agent Pearce finds herself stuck inthe middle of a Michael Westen operation. The kind that happens when you’re cut off from all your fancy CIA resources and have to make stuff up as you go along. I was pretty impressed with the fact that she not only went along with it, but also kicked a little but while doing so.

Meanwhile an old flame of Fi’s shows up to help her and Sam with a job, and while everything goesaccording to plan, he definitely stirs things up while he’s at it. I didn’t appreciate him questioning herrelationship with Michael and the things he asks her to do for him. I mean come on, it’s not like Fi would ever be happy sitting on the sidelines when he needed help. Michael would do the same for her without hesitation so why is she fretting? Also I kinda found it hilarious that the guy making her re-think things was an arms dealer who made her kidnap someone once. Yeah, that’s a guy you wanna be taking love advice from. Read More...



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