TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY Recap: ‘The Middle Man’

Friday’s tedious episode of TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY hit several speed bumps on the road to answers. Mostly providing follow-up to last week’s incendiary hour, "The Middle Men" gave up a few clues about the mystery, while primarily demonstrating some outrageously bad spy skills and wayward logic. Let’s recap.

We spent most of the episode stuck at the San Pedro Overflow Camp, which has now been revealed to Team Torchwood as a government-sanctioned concentration camp. Rex hatches an escape plan for himself: overtake a guard and steal his uniform. While that part of the plan works, his escape is thwarted when the rest of the soldiers get suspicious about the strange face in their buddy’s hat and jacket. Oh, Rex, if only you were up against Stormtroopers.

Rex is delivered to Colin Maloney, the middle man who set Vera on fire, and is chained to a pole in an underground boiler room. Of course, Rex doesn’t know about Maloney’s murderous streak, so he tries to reason with his captor — watch my video footage of my girlfriend being torched alive, see the horror going on at this camp, and stand beside me when we are famous justice-bringers. It’s supposed to be ironic, but this sequence was mostly just awkward. Why would Rex assume that Maloney wasn’t wise to the people-burning? He was running the facility, after all. And why wouldn’t Maloney immediately destroy the video camera? The scene doesn’t end well for Rex, whose exposed heart gets the business end of Maloney’s pen. Read More...


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