'Big Brother 13': The Power of Veto includes the unitard, 24 hours confinement


The latest Power of Veto contest has taken place in the "Big Brother 13" house and most people are not happy with the outcome. SPOILER ALERT. Also, this is a great week to sign up for the live feeds, since the house is a bit crazy right now.So Adam won the Power of Veto, which is interesting because he is one of Daniele's nominees, alongside Shelly. I can't imagine he'd be so stupid as to not use it on himself just in case, but the question is - who does Daniele put up in his place? Is she going to honor her deal with Brendon/Rachel, or backdoor one of them? If she doesn't backdoor a Veteran and is really aligned with Kalia, that only leaves Porsche. In other "award" news, Jeff won money, Jordan won the unitard and a dunce hat, which actually looks super-cute on her and she does not seem to mind at...



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