Episode Recap: August 11, 2009

As we head into what could become the major turning point of the season, alliances are put to the test. Some remain strong, others are on the rocks and some are almost undoubtedly dead. So, where does everyone stand? Plus: Who won the veto and which houseguests threw down in a war of words? Let's find out.

Right off the bat, Russell says that by being nominated by Chima, his alliance with her, Jessie and Natalie is done. So, he heads straightaway to Jeff, to firm up their understanding. Jeff says that if he wins the power of veto, he will take Russell down. With that taken care of, Russell decides to patch up some touchy relationships. He makes nice with Michele, but can't seem to stop himself from asking about the lies from last week that caused the fight between Russell and Chima. When Michele uses a bad memory as an excuse, Russell gets upset and Michele runs away... straight to new pal Chima.

Together, they are all "girl power!" and decide to stand up to Russell, who they call out for only talking down to the women. He did make fun of Ronnie and have a screaming match with Jeff, but I also see their point. He spends a while belittling Michele, saying all the things Ronnie said about her before leaving were right on and suggesting that she needs medicine because she's a "nutcase." So how exactly did that fix their relationship?

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