Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Crying Wine and Selling Vinegar

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Everything in this town is connected. That's the lesson learned with this episode, if you didn't get it from the first four of them. The first four episodes have covered a lot of ground while mostly playing within a fairly small timeframe, though the previous episode escaped that box a good deal by covering Celty's past. Celty's certainly in a bit of trouble now though as a mysterious shifty character labeled as the Slasher has appeared and has caused her a good bit of trouble by, well, slashing at her rather easily. Celty's so unnerved by it that she's thinking this person may actually be an alien.

Unlike the previous episodes though, this one lacks a bit of focus. The beginning does become the end which is a nice touch for a show all about connections, but we've also seen it played out before such as the entire kidnapping angle which happened in the first episode and then was covered in more detail in the second, looping us around. This one takes us back to when Yagiri came into the classroom and said he wasn't coming back and plays with time around there, such as the flirting that Kida does to try and win over Anri a little bit as well as simply being silly around Ryuu. The relationship between the two young men is something that's definitely good for exploration as we get a really nice voiceover by Kida throughout this episode as he recounts how his life had been rough before but Ryuu was the kind of guy who really helped see him through things and helped him to move on with his life. It opens all sorts of questions with no answers yet, but with the way the show works you can't help but feel it'll loop back to this subject sooner or later.

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