'Leverage' 4.07 'The Grave Danger Job' Review

It has something to do with a funeral home run by Darlene Wickett (Anne-Marie Johnson, last seen onFairly Legal), who likes to swipe money at the most inappropriate time and hide it in her spiffy wall safe. The team's attempt to search the funeral home takes a turn when they realize Darlene is also stealing the identities of the deceased. Nate decides to give Darlene a not-so-helping hand, but her greed puts everyone on the wrong side of some nasty drug runners who kidnap Hardison as their own kind of leverage.

There's a whole final act between Hardison's abduction and the end of the episode, which is some good organization on the part of the Leverage writers. They don't play their strongest card so late that we've lost interest, but when there's still enough time left to actually do something with it. As a result, there's real, palpable tension in the end of the episode - not so much whether or not Hardison will survive, but because we get the time to really see what he is going through, and get inside his head. Read More...



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