'Leverage' 4.08 'The Boiler Room Job' Review

The bad guy is Greg Sherman (The Shield star David Rees Snell), who gives bombastic speeches about being "on top of the food chain" because he's that corny. Unfortunately, Hardison's cover gets blown quickly - it's really not a good week to be Alec Hardison! - and he's forced to spin a tale about a faux play with Sophie playing a mark known as "the chocolate whisperer." Now that would be a TV show I'd watch.

Soon we're talking about chocolate cafes in China (yay alliteration) and making our way to Ecuador, where Eliot looks like he took time off from the Indiana Jones franchise. You have to hand it to theLeverage writers: they do come up with some crazily unique setups.

Once the team gets Sherman wound up, he takes off running. David Rees Snell drips arrogance as the bad guy who keeps trying to give himself a nickname. In my opinion, he lays it on a little too thick, almost more of a loudmouthed caricature than an actual villain to be taken seriously. Read More...



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