Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Spellbound'

To quote the late George Harrison, here comes the sun, do do do do. And it’s not all right, Jessica. Get away from the door! God knows you couldn’t survive two minutes in the sun even if you were still a human and slathered in SPF 50! Oh no! Don’t die, Jessica!

Not to fear: Antonia’s sunshine curse is strong, but Jason’s instincts are stronger, and he arrives at Vampire Bill’s mansion just in time to save Jessica from some serious fifth-degree burns. She rewards Jason with a kiss -- on the lips. Then another. Then with some serious gittin’ it on right there in the kingly vampire foyer. The two look well on their way to makin’ some quasi-vamp babies when Vampire Bill starts shrieking for someone to please pay attention to him. Jessica and Jason break it up and head down to Bill’s sanctum, where Jessica is bound up in silver all over again. After all, Marnie is still out there, and it’s still daylight. Do do do do.

While tucking Jessica back in, Jason spots the dead security guard lying outside Vampire Bill’s self-made prison. Bill convinces Jason to hush that up. In exchange, Jason may leave alive. Read More...


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