Breaking Bad Recap: Mojo Working

Breaking Bad.

Back-to-back, Breaking Bad just delivered two slick, action-flick cold opens. Last week, Mike sat in the back of a Pollos Hermanos truck, bullets thunk-thunking tubs of fry batter (and meth). This week begins with Walt, breaknecking down the street — 38 special on the passenger seat — fishtailing all over the road in his boxy SUV, while telling Saul to give "every last dollar" to Skyler, whom he then calls to tell that he loves her (and, maybe, good-bye). The mid-action fury, scored and shot so stylishly, recalls J.J. Abrams at the height of his game — only with more grit and less comic-book gloss. Only, this opening doesn’t work because Gilligan’s execution is so controlled; it’s frightening because Walt is so utterly out of control. Read More...


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