Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episode 116 Review: Guardian of The Iron Wall

Naruto Shippuden episode 116 wasn't exactly action packed, but I'm glad the series is finally getting back on track with the Manga. Saske has killed Orochimaru and is building his own elite group of highly skilled ninja to help him on his quest to kill Itachi. Since he is going up against the Akatsuki he knows even he will need some help. Last week he freed Suigetsu, who is a strong ninja who was held captive by Orochimaru. Suigetsu agreed to Join Saske as long as he helped him find a special sword. That special sword was Zabuza's massive broadsword. Wow I haven't seen that sword for awhile! (about 600 episodes?) Suigetsu is definitely no Zabuza but it's cool to see someone wielding that monster of a blade once again.

This week's episode titled Guardian of the Iron wall introduced a new skilled ninja with a power of extremely high intellect named Karin. At first she is put off about Saske's request to join him, which seemed partly due to bad blood towards Suigetsu. However, once Suigetsu leaves to free the prisoners Karin agree's to join Saske. Karin seems like the type to try to act cool and seems somewhat coldhearted, however it is very apparent that she has a monster crush on Saske, or rather Saske's Chakra.

The episode Ends with Saske, Suigetsu and Karin heading out towards another hideout to free and obtain the last Ninja on Saske's list Jugo. This was probably a boring episode if your just jumping onto the series, but if you've been following it from the start than it was probably bearable. Build ups like this are necessary in order to create a stage for an upcoming epic battle (Saske vs Itachi). I think 5 stars is fair :)

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