The Closer Review: "Home Improvement"

Brenda finally got herself a lawyer at the suggestion of Raydor, and when she heard his retainer was $25,000 her entire attitude went to the birds. The beating death with a ball peen hammer of a registered sex offender resulted in one of the most violent looking autopsies I've ever seen on The Closer. The case and Brenda's attitude made for a heck of a ride.

Even though the case was less than savory, I was laughing throughout the episode. Admittedly, I'm iffy on rape when both parties are still in their teens, so I wasn't as appalled at the mixture of crime and humor like I was in the recent past.

There was little chance the neighbor's daughter would have been hurt, as she had been duly prepared to scream like a banshee and blow a rape whistle should the guy have come near her. The little spitfire demonstrated both of these little tidbits with gusto. Nobody was going to get their hands on her!  Read More...


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