WAREHOUSE 13 “Don’t Hate The Player” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Don’t Hate The Player" Season 3 Episode 6 – "Don’t Hate the Player" was a great episode of WAREHOUSE 13. Maybe because I’m an avid player of video games myself, but I found the overall story to be entertaining and really, REALLY well done.

Claudia’s old friend, Fargo, is in trouble. He’s created a video game that allows the player to be fully immersed into the game world, but the only thing is he had to use an artifact to get the human brain to respond to the game at the level that he required.

Turns out he used Beatrix Potter’s tea set – and well, Potter wasn’t just writing the happy "Peter Rabbit" that we all know. Her tea set, while opening up the drinker’s imagination, can also produce the worst fears of the person partaking from the set… which is exactly what happened in this situation. Read More...



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