DROP DEAD DIVA “He Said, She Said” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "He Said, She Said" Season 3 Episode 8 - When Jane is asked to meet a potential client at a motel, she doesn’t expect to find a university’s star quarterback gagged and tied to a bed. And thus begins two cases – one in which Jane’s clients could go to jail and one in which Jane has to prove the quarterback is a rapist and the university is protecting him.

As cases go, it was pretty solid, if not the most entertaining. What was intriguing, though, was Grayson’s reaction and his brief falling out with Jane, which left Jane to wonder if Grayson is really the guy she thought she knew. Of course, he is, and it’s with his help that she successfully makes her case.

Meanwhile, Bobbi, Deb’s mom, is still seeing Parker, but Jane learns that he wants to break up with her. After a discussion with Stacey, Jane decides to give Bobbi a reason to break up with Parker first. Bobbi sees right through the play but does it anyway, leading to a happy enough ending when he goes out for drinks with Jane and Grayson. Read More...



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