WEEDS “Synthetics” Review

WEEDS "Synthetics" Season 7 Episode 9 – For a show that so often content to spend a bunch of seasons going nowhere (at least, except for in the literal, geographical sense) this episode ended somewhere different, somewhere exciting, and somewhere, unfortunately, which probably won’t lead to any rich character development . Nancy will probably find a kooky way out of her kooky situation and this contrived predicament will all come to a close.

Why did Foster remain in Nancy’s apartment after Silas literally pushed him out the door? Why did Andy and Silas and Dimitri act so nonchalant about their drug packages around a complete stranger? How did Zoya get out of prison, and why was she in the room with Nancy and the rest? And why did Nancy ultimately agree to let the SEC mic her up with a wire? It was such a weird set up which did not feel natural, it did not feel like a crazy Shakespearean comedy moment where all of the storylines come to a head at once and Ganymede is unmasked at last. It just felt like the writers of Weeds got in a room and said, "Hey, you know what would be so awesome and put Nancy in such a fucking fix?" and then went about artificially creating dilemmas and tropes which would lead to that moment. Read More...



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