THE CLOSER “Home Improvements” Review

THE CLOSER "Home Improvements" Season 7 Episode 6 – We’re over the halfway point as The Closer draws ever closer to its close (I want to apologise to humanity for putting you through that). This episode saw Johnson and her crew tackling the death of a man found in the foundations of a wall. Given that the man was a convicted rapist, the list of potential perpetrators are pretty endless and the real ones present themselves pretty early on (don’t they always?) and provide few surprises and more than a few eyebrow raising moments from yours truly.

I’m mentioned before how much I appreciate the lengths the show goes to to provide the audience a plot which is smart and plausible. On top of that, I feel it’s necessary to praise them for filling the world of The Closer with these rich tertiary characters who rarely see their deserved share of screen time before they’re whisked away in hand cuffs. But for the most part the show puts a great deal of effort (or alternatively has remarkable dumb luck) in giving a slew of actors who manage to see entire personas in the space of a few lines. The dumb hick couple who ultimately confessed to the murder: implausible? Maybe (though don’t we all know people that joyously dumb) but entertaining? Hell yeah. Read More....


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