THE PROTECTOR “Affairs” Review

THE PROTECTOR "Affairs" Season 1, Episode 9 — I really want to like The Protector, but an episode like "Affairs" makes me wonder just what is the driving force behind the show? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m a woman on a mission. Because there’s just got to be more to the premise than just two female detectives solving crimes. Right?

This week, Gloria and Michelle investigate the murder of a young woman who had a thing for cops. A so-called "badge bunny," the victim was last seen in a bar full of cops, which immediately puts the detectives on red alert. No one wants to get internal affairs involved, but if we know anything about IA from pop culture, they are sneaky, sneaky bastards who live for the day when they can bust an innocent cop.

All leads seem to point to a cop as the killer, however, in particular, Detective Van Stone, with whom Gloria has butted heads in the past. Turns out he was a very good friend of the badge bunny, a fact that didn’t escape his wife, who threatened to kill the little home-wrecker. When the girl shows up dead and the bat used to kill her is found in the family’s minivan, it seems pretty clear that either the cheater or the cheated-upon ended the affair…permanently. Read More...


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