ALPHAS “Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure” Reviews

ALPHAS "Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure" Season 1, Episode 6 – In this week’s episode ofAlphas, some of the empty spaces in Bill’s background finally get filled in. The footage of the incident that put Bill on suspension visually summarized the problems that Bill has to deal with as a result of his Alpha ability. He is dangerous even without a malicious intent simply because his uncontrolled aggression results in superhuman strength.

I don’t know how I feel about Bill being so hung up on getting back in with the FBI that he was willing to skirt protocol to get ahead in the investigation. It’s not exactly the ideal I have in mind when I imagine an upstanding FBI agent and although it felt a little unusual to have the protagonist working around them for personal gain, it was a great way to remind everyone that Bill is not a superhero despite his super human abilities.

After landing in prison and on the receiving end of a Dr. Rosen tirade, Bill’s perspective on the case adjusts. By the end of it, I had no question that Bill was motivated by a desire to save the hostage’s life and not by his desire to get his job back at the FBI. To me, this was important distinction because as much as I appreciate the Alphas being depicted as normal, flawed human beings, I would have a hard time liking Bill’s character if he wasn’t ultimately in it to save that girl’s life. Read More...


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