TEEN WOLF “Code Breaker” Review

TEEN WOLF "Code Breaker" Season 1 Episode 12 (Season Finale) - The season 1 finale of TEEN WOLF has a Scooby Doo vibe about it. Formerly in their individual corners protecting their own interests, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Allison and Jackson team up against the Alpha. There is a lot of scrambling about, random deductions and precarious situations to get out of just in the nick of time. For the most part, the tension and action that were prevalent in the last few episodes are also present in "Code Breaker." However, mishap after mishap makes the episode choppy, which fortunately is conducive to the tone and atmosphere of this final chapter.

Peter killed Laura so that he could become the Alpha. He is clearly delusional with power when he says that he only kills the responsible ones. Do red eyes and fangs equal bad guy? What will that make Derek – good or bad?

The Hales might be a family of werewolves, but the Argents are equally scary and unpredictable. Mother Argent (is her name Helena?) is so severe. You get the sense that she has never ever said a nice word to Allison. What are they hiding? Read More...



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