Slayers Revolution Episodes 1-4 Review

If there is such a thing as classic stupidity, Slayers is it. A longtime staple of the mid-90s anime boom, it garnered a considerable following while remaining unremittingly and unrepentantly brainless. Which was, in large part, why it was fantastic fun. And still is. After a decade of moldering in the tomb o' has-been anime, the franchise's creators have deemed the silly beast worthy of resurrection. If the decision smacks of pointless nostalgia-wallowing, well, just remember: there was never any point to begin with.

Like any resurrected corpse, Slayers Revolution shuffles along some at first. You can almost hear it mumbling "brains... as it clumsily reacquaints us with its cast via stand-and-deliver introductory speeches, and you can clearly feel it lurching, stiff with retreating death, as it wastes precious time spoofing Jack Sparrow and smiling indulgently as its main characters run through their signature shtick. It continues stumbling right through the introduction of smart-talking, nauseatingly cute magical rabbit-thing Pokota. And then almost immediately redeems itself by beating the snot out of him. It isn't long thereafter that the series regains its fleet-footed irreverence, and it never once looks back. Sight-gags both familiar (the series' very peculiar mermaids) and brand-new (Lina punching Wizer into the sky while cuffed to his wrist) fly fast and thick, and much fun is had with Lina and co.'s decidedly un-heroic behavior as the series runs through several exceedingly frivolous stories about petnapping and shoddy Lina-made tanks". Yes it's repetitive, yes it's meandering, and yes you can actually feel it killing your brain cells, but it's also hilarious-particularly if you have a soft spot for any of the characters-and it doesn't try to be anything it's not. And that excuses a lot. Plus, under all those breast jokes there is a plot, albeit a well-disguised and likely uninteresting one.


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