EUREKA “Of Mites and Men” Review

EUREKA "Of Mites and Men" Season 4 Episode 16 - So the other shoe has dropped, the trumpet has sounded, the atom has been split…last Monday SyFy announced that EUREKA would be ending after Season 5. While it’s normal to feel a little down in the dumps about things, we can take solace in that starting with "Of Mites and Men" we still have 5 great episodes left this season (not to mention 14 more next season!) before the end.

The Astraeus candidates have moved on to the psychological round of testing. This means that Fargo, Parrish, Holly, and Jo are locked in an isolation chamber and have to perform tasks while under the effects of different stressors, including a stowed away Zane. Things start going well, but a power loss leaves the group entirely cutoff from Global Dynamics with no way out of the chamber. Read More...


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