ENTOURAGE “Whiz Kid” Review

ENTOURAGE "Whiz Kid" Season 8 Episode 4 – As per the norm, if you did not watch the episode in question, you may not get every reference. This is a review, not a play-by-play re-hash. Cool? Cool.

"Whiz Kid" picked up, sort of, where last episode left off: Carl Urtz (a perfectly harried Kim Coates), back off the wagon, offed himself with a bullet in the brainpan in his bathroom, while Vinnie Chase and Turtle were standing on the other side of the bathroom door. So you had to know it would get worse before it got better.

I was of course hoping the show would not also get worse before it got better. Alas. Unfortunately we did not quite get to keep the momentum.

But what did we learn?

We learned Bobby Flay cooks a hell of a lot better than he acts.

We learned Jerry Ferrara, who co-wrote the episode with Doug Ellin, was (at least for today) a better script writer than he was an actor. (The "I saw brains…" gag overstayed its welcome past the first time it was uttered by the redoubtable Turtle.) He actually had some pretty choice dialogue for Vinnie Chase (Adrien Grenier), and some nice post-coital banter between Ari (Jeremy Piven) and Dana (Constance Zimmer who, quite frankly deserves more screen time). Read More...


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