Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left Of Them?

Okay! So now that I have rinsed the blood from my nails after gripping the edge of my seat during the Teen Wolf season finale, I think I have enough strength to muster through this review of what was a pretty damn good episode of Teen Wolf.

The suspense was had its claws so deep in my throat that I was scared to move out of fear having it ripped out like one unfortunate character did tonight. The reveals were pretty interesting and made complete sense in their respective areas. Finally, the epic showdown between Scott, Derek, Peter, and the Argents was simply Grade-A Awesomeness and almost rivaled the initial Derek vs. Scott fight from the beginning of the season. And let's not forget about the aptly placed jokes that were slung throughout the night.

With all that said, there were some areas of the night that left me a little "blah" and I hate feeling "blah" when it comes to Teen Wolf. I will get to those moments later on, but now let's discuss the top moments of the night which will have us sulking worse than Bella Swan until last summer. Read More...



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