Family Comes First For 'The Real Housewives Of New Jersey'

Episode 13: Child's Play No More: Sunday's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jerseycentered on mothers and daughters as the housewives dealt with various issues concerning their young and all dealt with it in different ways. From Weight loss and self-acceptance, to self-respect and disrespect the Jersey moms had their hands full.

We find Teresa trying to coordinate a family photo shoot for her new cookbook but as the girls act up arguing and making faces, the photographers get frustrated and shut it down. They tell Teresa to take a break and they’ll try again in an hour but a temperamental Milania only makes things more difficult continuing to act up.  As always with Teresa the task ends up being both a spectacle and a chore.

At their home, Kathy and Rich discuss how fast their children are growing up, namely their 16 year-old daughter Victoria who will be driving and dating soon and whose formal dance is soon approaching.  Kathy tells Rich that she thinks it’s time she had the "talk" with Victoria, Rich disagrees saying she’s daddy’s princess she’s not having sex until marriage.  Kathy tries to convince Rich that the world’s a different place than when they were young and there’s things she needs to know. Kathy says she’s not condoning it and doesn’t want it to happen but it will eventually. She tells the camera she knows Rich loves Victoria and that’s his princess but she doesn’t want him to be in denial either. Read More...


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